About us

Hello! I am Angie A.K.A. Nana or at least that is what my five wonderful grandchildren call me. I am a mother to three beautiful children and it is a blessing to be able to love on their children. I have worked for 26 years in the operating room as a surgical technologist. Working full time and working on-calls limited my time spent with my family. I missed important events, games, and holidays because of the taxing work hours. Therefore, I have decided to take charge and created my own business in order to spend precious time with family. My grandchildren range from 3-15 years in age. They are all into different hobbies and activities. From playing at the park, playing softball, wheelchair basketball, and arts and crafts. Their interests change, develop, and grow each day, exploring new avenues of wonder. My grandchildren have inspired the items in my store. I love selecting items that not only reflect my family but also are items that will spark their interest and hopefully yours. Welcome to Nana's Epiphany, my online store. A store that highlights my love for my family. I hope you enjoy exploring the items I have to offer in my ever-changing store.